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James Lewis

Executive Producer

James Lewis is an upcoming writer/creator in film and television. He has also served as a producer, sound engineer and editor in the industry. Born in Washington, DC his experience stems from independent film productions along with broadcast television for domestic and international audiences. James is also the host for two online shows "Comic Vibe" and "In the Zone". As a writer and creator his work pushes the boundaries in all the genres. As a sound engineer he is known for his innovative music, sound design and sound mixing for film, television and recording artists. James has also performed as a key supporting actor in several short films. As a producer he is known for taking chances and creative risks on projects that have always resulted in successful productions. Currently he is the producer of the DC 48 Hour Film Project, a global film competition that takes place in cities around the world. He is also working on 3 documentary projects where he is serving as co-director and producer. James aims to change the way we think, create, imagine and develop independent film and television productions.

Stephanie Cristancho

Executive Producer

Stephanie Cristancho is a rising director and writer for film and television. She has also served as director, creator and producer for several documentary and short film projects. Stephanie brings a unique multicultural perspective to all her projects, she speak several languages and has lived in South America, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. Her professional experience includes producing, production coordination, technical management, audio, camera, and directing for Discovery, ESPN, CNN, Bloomberg, ABC and FOX, as well as independent film and TV projects. As a director she has won a national Sports Emmy® Award for ESPN’s highly rated show “Pardon the Interruption”. Currently she is also the producer of the DC 48 Hour Film Project, a global film competition that takes place in cities around the world. Her multicultural international background combined with her technical knowledge and passion for television and film productions, gives Stephanie the ability to create, produce and develop unique projects with compelling stories and characters.

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