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Aura Media Productions is a multi-media company that focuses on both video and audio productions. We develop and support television, movie and music projects.  The company is owned by two versatile multi-media professionals Stephanie Cristancho and James Lewis. Between them they have worked in the television, film, music, radio, and international broadcasting industries. We are based in the Washington DC Area, however depending on the project we have the ability to take on services from anywhere. Our in house development productions consist of television, film and music projects. The productions are executed by producers and technicians affiliated or partnered with Aura Media Productions. In project development support we offer our expertise services to clients that are looking for producers or technician help for their business or personal projects.

Aura Media Productions mission is to create and support quality business and artistic multi-media projects. As producers of an original production we will bring new and innovative ideas to any project. We will think outside the box while maintaining quality and formats to guarantee the success of the production. As technicians we pride ourselves on giving our clients outstanding work to make there visions come to life. Whether it’s a news broadcast, a commercial, a sporting event, award ceremony or film project we aim to deliver the best video project possible. For our in house original productions we strive to develop projects that combine innovative and artistic ideas to create a one of a kind entertainment product. We are looking to work and partner with passionate and creative individuals that have the determination to see their ideas and imagination come to life. Aura Media Production would like to create and environment, which gives artistic and talented individuals an opportunity that brings their art to life. With those creative ideas from our in house production team and ideas from others, we will give businesses the quality products and entertainment they desire.

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