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Take One

After taking an experimental pill, a stressed out TV Producer has some unusual side effects while taking a day off in New York City.


Masonic Secrecy

A young woman goes to Washington DC after finding out her long lost father has passed away. While in DC she discovers his mysterious past and the secret life that he lead.

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Cherry Blossom

A mysterious woman sparks a young man's interest at the Washington DC Cherry Blossom festival. She teaches him to cherish life's beauty, but will destiny allow their love to blossom.

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Genetic Drift

A group of college students experience adverse reactions and genetic mutations after responding to a flyer that leads to their participation in a covert government funded experiment. They soon realize these experiments are more sinister than advertised.



Presented with an opportunity of a lifetime an aspiring singer must manage her long distance relationship while pursuing her dreams.



An unlikely twitter response from a television star leads a fan to try and meet the women of his dreams at a comic book convention.


Twice Upon A Time

A little girl who believes in magic unlocks mystical powers inside a mysterious book. Little does she know that the true power lies not within the pages of the book but inside of her.


Troll Hunters

A crew of bounty hunters track down internet bully's and cyber criminals.

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