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Phone: 240-688-5959

Audio Visual Services

-     ENG Productions (interviews, news coverage, etc)

-      Event Videography (concerts, recitals, conventions, conferences etc.)

-     Television, Film and Documentary Video Productions

-     Commercials

-     Post Production Sound Design / Sound Mixing

-     Audio Recordings

-     Music Recordings

-     Video Editing

-     Casting

-     Crewing

-     Consulting

-     Producing

-     Photography

-     Translation and Subtitles in various languages

Standard and HD

Analogue and digital consoles, preamplifiers, microphones, and all tools of audio capture, processing, and production.

Final Cut Studio 3, Adobe CS5, Sony Sound Forge, Sony Vegas, Logic, ProTools,
Cubase, and other audio and video mastering programs.

Canon Professional Cameras and Lenses

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