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Film Productions

Masonic Secrecy  

A young woman goes to Washington DC after finding out her long lost father has passed away. While in DC she discovers his mysterious past and the secret life that he lead.      Genre: Drama   /    Released: 11/2/14

Genetic Drift  

Genre: Sci-Fi

Released: 2/2/14

Cherry Blossom 

Genre: Drama

Released: 3/4/15


Genre: Drama / Music

Released: 4/3/15


Genre: Comedy 

Released: 8/10/16

Twice Upon A Time 

Genre: Fantasy 

Released: 4/19/15

Just Ask

Short Film

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Stage: Post Production



Short Film

Genre: Drama / Suspense

Stage: Post Production


Zombie Project

Mockumentary / Web Series

Genre: Drama,Suspense

Stage: Post Production



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